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Reverend Elivia Melodey is dedicated to world healing. She offers a wide variety of services and can customize to your needs. Perhaps you are looking for metaphysical assistance in the form of a spiritual advisor, psychic medium, Reiki master teacher, or Light Body worker? Psychic Elivia Melodey has been featured on television, radio, and in many magazines. Based out of San Diego, California, she travels and provides services via phone. Read on for a complete list of services or see the article on Elivia at Awareness Magazine!  

Spiritual Advisor & Medium
An ordained Spiritualist minister, Reverend Elivia's spiritual psychic counseling sessions are healing and helpful for body, mind and spirit. Reverend Elivia has exhibited clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient gifts since childhood. What is the difference between a psychic and a medium? A psychic can draw information from your aura, which can provide knowledge about both current and future events, whereas a medium is the conduit between the physical world and the spirit world. As a conscious trance medium, Reverend Elivia works with your spirit guides and angels to channel insights on your life, bring in more joy and peace of mind, and assist in resolutions. A spiritual advising session with Reverend Elivia will help you to embrace life fully, heal fear, and reestablish your connection to the Divine.
Office or phone consultations are $100.00 per hour or $50.00 per 1/2 hour session. (Taped sessions available upon request.)
Group gatherings or group individual sessions: By quote.

Past Life Regression & Progression
Healing and releasing the past and all the emotional weight that holds you back can assist you to move forward with freedom, clarity and understanding. Learn why you have strong attractions, patterns, fears and phobias. Give yourself the gift of freeing yourself from ineffective cycles. Regression can also be used to access and develop a more personal relationship with your own higher self, angels and spirit guides. Certified and experienced as a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Reverend Elivia leads people to awareness of where past life issues, emotions and individuals impact life now. In Progressions you can access possible futures according to your "Soul's Blueprint" for this lifetime.
Past life regression average two hours and are $250 per session.

Vibrational Healing
Experience the powerful effects of vibrational healing as harmony is reestablished to all levels of your Being. A session will be tailored to fit your needs. Reverend Elivia uses channeled spiritual healing energies, Reiki energies and the Lightbody to align and balance all conditions. Vibrational healing is really very simple, for those who offer themselves up as healers and know how to attune themselves to the correct frequencies necessary for wholeness. No one person ever heals another. Elivia acts as a channel to access the necessary healing energies for that individual. For any and all healing to be effective, the only requirement is a desire for healing and the ability to be open and receptive. Sessions may also include Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and crystal healing.
Vibrational healing sessions are $100 per session for one hour maximum.

Seminars & Classes Workshops
Reverend Elivia is the woman you want when you need cutting edge and innovative teaching on a wide variety of subjects dealing with personal healing, growth and transformation . Each participant is touched at a level they can understand. Students assimilate even the most esoteric information, learn spiritual practices that are practical and can be applied on a daily basis. Seminars and courses include:

  • Healing with Sound Why we Love Music!
  • The Dynamic Laws of Manifestation How to Create a New Reality for Yourself
  • Prosperity is Your Divine Right Is Your Head in Alignment with Your Heart?
  • Life Mapping for Visioning Your Future Creating a Visual Mandala for Success
  • Clear out your Mental Clutter- Feng Shui of the Mind
  • Have You Lived Before? - Discover Your Past Lives
  • Vision Questing Journal Writing with Active Imagination to Achieve Your Goals
  • Know Your Angels Developing a Personal Relationship with Your Spiritual Guides
  • Discover Your Chakras Wheels of Light for Health and Harmony
  • Meditation for Beginners Achieve Peace of Mind and Stress Reduction
  • Roll Back the Years Secret Tibetan Practice Prolongs Life!
  • Altar Building Bringing the Sacred into Everyday Life
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