I just did a series of one minute videos for the Learning Annex web site, OneMinuteU

How to Play a Singing Crystal Bowl

In this video, you will learn how to correctly play a singing crystal bowl. Then you can use your intention to create rituals that work for you when you do play your bowl. Children love to play singing bowls too, once they have the muscle strength to keep the mallet on the bowl. Never play your bowl on the inside of the rim.

How to Choose a Mallet for Singing Crystal Bowls

When you purchased your bowl, it most likely came with a mallet. Percussionists know that different mallets will create different tones in their instruments. With singing crystal bowl mallets, it’s also a matter of personal preference. Here the different types of mallets available for singing bowls are reviewed and you are invited to create your own..

Know the Difference between Frosted, Clear and Hand-Held Singing Crystal Bowls

Each of these kinds of singing crystal bowls produces their own particular kind of sound wave and tone. Here the differences are reviewed so that you can easily see and hear for yourself. Each of these singing crystal bowls are wonderful, it’s a matter of your preference and how you plan on working with your bowls.

How to Select the Singing Crystal Bowl that Correctly Meets Your Needs

In this video, the basics are covered in what to consider before purchasing your first crystal bowl. You don’t’ want to purchase a bowl and then have it collect dust in the corner. If after listening to this, you still have questions, please feel free to email or call us at 888 712-3833.

How to Use the Deva’s Gift Hand-Held Singing Crystal Bowl

The Deva’s Gift was the first singing bowl to be created specifically for sound healers. The unique design was given to the creators from the crystal devas in 1995.  Discover the many vibrational healing applications for use with the Deva’s Gift, as well as with other hollow handled hand-held singing crystal bowls. The Deva’s Gift is a perfect partner for many vibrational healing modalities: aromatherapy, flower remedies, herbs, stones and stone essences (Personal Healing Wands), and homeopathic medicine – just to name a few.

How to Pick a Psychic

This funny video has information that is invaluable for everyone to know when it comes to selecting a psychic. Here some of the basics are covered in what to be aware of when you select a psychic. After knowing the ground rules, using your own common sense and gut feelings is always important. The cost of a reading is never a determinate on how good a psychic is as psychics are never right 100% of the time.

How to Tell if Your Psychic is Plugged In

Psychics are human too! They have their off days and then there are those psychics who have their own agendas. Here factors are listed for you to keep in mind after your psychic reading, so you can weigh the information correctly. Discernment is always important, as you never want to give your power away completely to one individual. Good psychics point the way, never demand or give final ultimatums.

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

This video has some of the fundamental and easy ground rules for everyone who wants to develop their psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic - it’s like a muscle that so many stopped using once they moved out of childhood. So it’s just a matter of a few basic steps and then practice, practice, practice!


How to Align Your Chakras

Here Elivia demonstrates simple body movements that most everyone can do, which will align and balance your chakras – without breaking a sweat. Chakras can be cleared any number of ways. Here you don’t have to be particularly spiritual to have fun and feel more energy and clarity with these easy exercises. After watching this video, you’ll realize why you feel so much better after dancing!!


How to DeStress

With this video Elivia gives an invaluable exercise in how to shift and release stress immediately and with ease. It’s a fail safe, foolproof method that anyone can do at any time. The trick is to remember to do it when next you feel stressed. So practice this stress relief method when you’re feeling fine and then you’ll be ready for when you need it!

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